New & Remanufactured Condensing Units

Our condensing units are steam cleaned and degreased before new primer and paint is applied. Standard features include new condensing fan motors, new contractors, new time clocks, new interlock relay for electric defrost on low temp. models, suction line vibration eliminator and suction filter, liquid line solenoid piped in the liquid line and wired for use in either pump down or thermostat control application, crankcase heaters for outdoor units, new dual pressure control with super hoses, and new oil fail controls with super hoses where applicable. Optional computer controls for each individual condensing unit can be added. This option also includes a common networking circuit board for remote communications via phone modem for off-site systems monitoring. You also have a choice in purchasing remanufactured or new DISCUS compressors by Copeland.


RIC Refrigeration Industries Corporation which is Located in South Point, OH is committed to providing Quality New and Remanufactured Supermarket Refrigeration Equipment. Contact us to discuss your Equipment needs before you remodel, move to another location or buy equipment from someone else.



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